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You Big Dummy

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"You better look up." [Apr. 28th, 2005|12:58 am]
You Big Dummy
I found something on the internet that sics any two big league teams from any year since 1900 against each other. So I think this will be a requests forum. Right now I will have the honor of sending the World Champion 1957 Braves (Warren Spahn) to the old AFCS to face the World Champion 1995 Braves (John Smoltz).

Top 3 MIL 2 ATL 0:
Logan walks
Mathews singles; Logan to third

(Aaron's up, walk him?)

Aaron walks intentionally
Adcock homers to center


Pavko grounds to Chipper
Covington strikes out swinging
Crandall strikes out swinging
4 runs, 2 hits, 0 errors, 0 left
MIL 6 5 0 2
ATL 0 2 0 2

That was basically it, 'cept Spahn threw a complete shutout with 6 hits, 3 walks, and 4 strike outs. This is against the 1995 Braves. Javy went 2-4 against him.
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"No, Arn, let's just go play." [Feb. 25th, 2005|12:14 am]
You Big Dummy
[mood |chipperTake that back!]
[music |RVW - A Pastoral Symphony: Moderato maestoso]

This being Match Play week and all, despite Vijay and Tiger's wins and Shigeki and Darren's losses, I think this is the most peaceful po'tion of the Year Of Decision so far. Folks I haven't seen in forever are dropping in, the food in Burwell is improving somewhat, I found some old baseball scorecards from last year that are still in fine condition, and everybody is just being generally nice to each other. Whatever will happen on Bobby Jones' birthday, also known as St. Patrick's Day, when I wear the blue and white of St. Andrew?

"Where are we going, Fred?"
"You'll find out, when we get to Disneyland."

Meet your 2005 Pee Dee Vampire Hits:

Pudge Rodriguez
Johnny Estrada

First Basemen
Rafael Palmiero
Jeff Bagwell
J.T. Snow

Second Basemen
Jose Vidro
Ben Ingram (formerly)

Third Basemen
Aramis Ramirez
Aaron Boone

Rafael "I swear to drunk I'm not God!" Furcal
Jimmy Rollins

Barry "I swear to Judge I'm not God, loaded!" Bonds
Lance Berkman
Reggie Sanders (from 5-time champion Wilson High School)

Starting Pitchers
Matt Clement
Jaret Wright
Brad Radke
John Thomson
Jeff Weaver
Livan Hernandez
Tim Wakefield
Steve Trachsel

Armando Benitez
Jose Mesa
John Smoltz
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"Will you come to bed, my Lord?" "Don't do that." [Jan. 6th, 2005|09:15 pm]
You Big Dummy
[mood |chipperBig Money!]
[music |RVW - 6th Symphony: Allegro]

My AIM link to this doohickey claims that this is a countdown to $uper Opening Week (so named tentatively), so, somewhat late-ie-fied, here ya go.

Thing is, we do not know for certain when $uper Opening Week actually, well, is:

Palmetto Bridge says late May, and that they will know for sure around March (AP).

The DOT says the middle of May, but definitely between 17 April and 17 June (AP).

From a 4 Nov meeting of a sub-committee: "The Town of Mount Pleasant would...request $5,000 for fireworks to go towards the bridge-opening celebration – a three-day affair in late April or early May 2005."

(So far we have bought 12 dollars worth of fireworks.)

We know that the bridge will open on a Saturday, and 21 May is the Saturday closest to the middle of that range the DOT gave, so we will say 21 May, noon. That is 193844 minutes away.
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Famous punch line: "Help spread the word" [Jan. 3rd, 2005|12:19 pm]
You Big Dummy
[mood |rejuvenatedUpward only from here.]
[music |RVW - 8th symphony: Scherzo alla marcia]

2005 hasn't been so cool so far: a thing of Black Jacks almost blew me up, I was seen in my door prize sweatshirt by a pretty girl, I four-putted an otherwise easy hole at the Bluff, the post office probably lost my package, the Carolina Panthers, a football nailed me in the butt, my grad school application sucks, and I almost lost 13 bucks playing eight-ball.

But that same night I erased that debt and won two dollars playing nine-ball (five for the five, ten for the nine). Takes a spark to start a fire, as Dante said. Maybe Auburn can help me out. Yes, I said it, I want Auburn to win, even though I'm a Bulldogs fan, and I still think they should be in the nationwide championship, being SEC champions, then playing a fifth-rate team from a third-rate conference.

Today is the Final Round of the Mars Bluff Winternationals, and I am in a two-way tie for second, one shot back. Here are the scoring averages for the field and myself for the first 36 holes:

Field Ben Delta
1st "Quinby": 2.63 2.25 -0.38
2nd "Pamplico": 3.25 2.75 -0.50
3rd "Coward": 2.81 2.50 -0.31
4th "Olanta": 2.44 2.75 +0.31
5th "Johnsonville": 3.94 4.75 +0.81
6th "Scranton": 3.44 4.00 +0.56
7th "Lake City": 3.44 3.25 -0.19
8th "Timmonsville": 2.63 2.75 +0.12
9th "Florence": 3.31 3.00 -0.31

I'ma go eat some Apple Jacks.
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"I figure you only go around once, and you got to grab all the gusto you can." [Dec. 28th, 2004|09:34 pm]
You Big Dummy
[mood |thankfulRocket to Russia!]
[music |Some garbage song from Kill Bill]

"There are times...when men know, more by instinct than by reason, that suddenly great blessings are pre-ordained. Not with the persistent illusion of the optimist, but as when a searchlight beam cuts through midnight, there arises the feeling that success is at hand in some cherished enterprise."

--Brig. Gen. S.L.A. Marshall, USA (ret.), in his awesome history of World War I

Right on! I'm single again! It's official!

That and today marks the six-year anniversary of Wilson's victory over Ravenscroft, which might be seen as a sort of incidence point. Including that game, Wilson won something like 85 games and lost something like 17 since then. Them guys also won five regional championships in those six years.

They say that the opening of the new bridge will be a three-day affair, bigger than it was when the $*%&# bridge opened. And that in itself was pretty big.

Hopefully I'll be back in Florence tomorrow.
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"You all got any business on this hallway?" [Dec. 20th, 2004|12:55 pm]
You Big Dummy
[mood |lovedSix is my lucky number.]
[music |Ravel - Daphnis et Chloe No. 2: Danse generale]

Five days into the break, which, technically begins today. I'll keep it short.

Places I Have Been, in no particular order

LJVM Coliseum, Winston-Salem, NC
Darlington County, SC
Mars Bluff Community Park Disc Golf Course, Mars Bluff, SC
The bank
The middle of Trotter Road
Lake Oakdale
A toilet in Ellerbe, NC
My bed, passed out
The Cloisters
Circus Fireworks
The firing range behind my neighborhood, so designated by this writer

Folks I Have Met For The First Time Or Otherwise

The 11th Exploratory Task Force
A load of Wilson students and alumni
Something like 20 A.C.T. players or ex-players, who proved the A.C.T. still rocks
Something like 5 additional A.C.T. players
The lady behind the counter at Circus who was nice enough to give us a discount
The 7th "Antarctica" hole at the Bluff, twice (par, par)
The 9th "Stonehenge" hole at the Bluff (this! close to a birdie)

Things We Have Blown Away

Six Burwell apples
One Burwell glass
One Burwell calzone
One computer monitor
One dozen firecrackers
One half-dozen artillery balls

Things We Have Hit With The Golf Club

One dozen apples
Another Burwell calzone
One computer monitor
A Burwell cup

Things We Have Run Over

Three apples
A third Burwell calzone
My right foot
Part of a Burwell cup

Things We Have Been Accused Of Being

Hidden camera operators
Bad drivers
Late Christmas shoppers
Too loud
Not loud enough
Bartok fans

And the break is only 20% over with!
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"I didn't know it was hyperbolic. I thought it was arthritis cream." [Dec. 10th, 2004|06:27 pm]
You Big Dummy
[mood |flirtyChicken wings tonight]
[music |Stravinsky: Fireworks]

This is Exam Week at Wofford, pretty much. The good thing about the post-Thanksgiving final lap of Semester VII was that there was always something to do. The only thing that gave me a lot of hell was a programming Ass ignment for Theory of Computation. I'm taking that class just for fun, but having to write a program file in a whole different language and incorporate said file into a program written in ANOTHER language, well, beh. As some know I'm not very computerfied, but other than that the class has been very interesting.

Other'n that it's not so much a grind as it is a sort of steady flow. Already I have received and started one take home, and I got another today. Tonight among other things I'm to draw a pentagon with five right angles, then a hexagon with six right angles. Yes, it can be done. Try it!

That done, on Saturday I'ma write up some sort-of-research-project Ben W. and I did on NFL pass ratings.

Sunday off.

Monday the Analysis in-class.

Tuesday the Analysis take-home.

Wednesday the Theory of Computation exam, and departure for Flow City at 5 latest.
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"Here, let me take your rotten bloody picture." [Dec. 7th, 2004|10:51 pm]
You Big Dummy
Cb major - life is full of complecations,
commitments and organisation. You love to make
sure everything is just perfect, but sometimes
this can cause you to fall over your own feet.
A slightly unsociable key: why Cb major when
you could be the identical Bmajor? It has less

what key signature are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
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"Last month, Kurt Cobain..." [Dec. 7th, 2004|10:30 pm]
You Big Dummy
[mood |silly"Been a while, hadn't it?"]
[music |RVW - A Pastoral Symphony: Lento, moderato maestoso]

Ok, so it's been a month. 'Pologies, to S.L. Sedford especially.

Vampire Birds were eliminated. Ah, well.

The Duke S.O. played RVW's 5th and Dave and I joined Shin and Bear to listen to it. They had a hard time with the scherzo, and the conflict in the Preludio, which I always thought should have been sort of masked, was brought out in all of its butt-nekkid, well, not glory, but I reckon in it's Joe Friday-ness. The last two mvts. were awesome!

Yes, still watching Maury Povich. I am also watching a GAME OPERA regularly; do you believe it? "Big Break." These guys have to make golf shots over brick walls and through windows and stuff. It's messed up. The final is tomorrow. I guess it is an 18-hole match.

I'm trying to figure out which music I should add into my playlist for Big Money Opening Day in six months. I doubt anyone else on that bridge will be listening to the same stuff I will, so it is a chance to make history. Suggestions welcome. I'll also make sure to fly a Wahoos flag off of the western tower.

Oh, Deuces, something I failed to mention: I am in a class in which we work in non-Euclidean geometry, specifically hyperbolic geometry, and the angles are all effed up in hyperbolic space. It is true that we might actually be living in hyperbolic space, but our current instruments are not good enough to actually find the curvature of space, if such curvature exists.

I found something on the Internet that treats the twelve fundamental tones as a multiplicative group (isomorphic to Z-12), and in so doing explains why Schoenberg's music sounds weird but actually has an underlying principle.

Deuces let me vent a little this morning about politics and it was refreshing to have someone agree with me. : ) She is nominated for charter membership in our little club (you know what I am talking about, 2s).

I bought a disc golf card game. When I get back to Flo-City in ten days we are getting some folks together to play it. Then we are going to blow away some Burwell stuff I stole, the purpose being to finish shooting the movie we started this summer (Centigrade 6/10). The winner gets to light the fuse.

I still say things like "Ready for Action!" and "Oh My Ga-od!" and other stuff. The thing was I just had a load of take home tests and stuff, and applications.

I found a community for Flo-City human beings: http://www.livejournal.com/community/flotown/
Why, do you know I haven't been in Flo-City since Homecoming, and at that time I was only there for some seven hours? You know how music reminds you of stuff? Well, the central section of the Feria in Ravel's Rapsodie espagnole reminds me of Flo-City at 2 in the morning (upon departing for Columbia). Homecoming kicked ass. Looking forward to Flo-City again, I am. I hope the leaves have left the trees at the Mars Bluff disc golf course and that all the ticks there aren't biting, because I got 72 holes there to play.

Dave called RVW's Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra a real "balls to the wall" piece of stuff, and he also described it as "in your face." I don't think that it contains any bullshit at all, except maybe in the very middle.

Stop scrolling and thanks for dealing with me.
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"John saw the writing on the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaal." [Nov. 9th, 2004|10:54 am]
You Big Dummy
[mood |touchedGive it here!]
[music |Halo 2; My turn comes up next]

The Birds picked up an important one against the struggling Killers, 68-22. One game and we are right back in the playoff hunt, being now 5-4, and 131 points out of a playoff spot, with five games remaining. With Joey Porter, also 5-4, up next, we have a chance to move up into the magical 4th spot.

Game ball.
Good thing I started Delhomme against the Raiders. He couldn't beat 'em, but threw for 299 yards and 3 touchdowns. No interceptions! His TD/INT ratio is finally above 1.

In a reversal of the usual, the ball goes to our Bench Player and that is...
Marc Bulger, who got a week of rest but still chunked a football 285 yards for two touchdowns and one interception. He also dropped the ball once.
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