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You can have a little pork-n-beans now, and a little zucchini later...

or a little zucchini now, and a little pork-n-beans later.

You Big Dummy
9 October
adrian boult, america's cup, antarctica, apsley cherry-garrard, atlanta braves, backgammon, bartok, baseball scorekeeping, being shackletonian, bela bartok, birdie bowers, bob uecker, bobby cox, bobby jones, bridge, calculator games, carolina panthers, catalina 22, catalina-22, centigrade 6/10, claude debussy, cooper river bridge, cribbage, cribbgolf, curb your enthusiasm, dachshunds, debussy, desmond dekker, disc golf, disc golf card games, dominoes, dorm scaling, edgeworth david, edward adrian wilson, escape from alcatraz, florence sc, football, fred sanford, fried chicken, game theory, gator haters, gene wood, go, grady, gustav holst, hank williams, holst, horseshoe pitching, hundred dollars, igor stravinsky, in living color, inherit the wind, james clark ross, james cook, james ross, japanese food, jimmy kimmel live, john hunt, john smoltz, johnny cash, junk, kickball, lake murray, lawanda, lawanda page, lawrence of arabia, lena horne, m-80s, match racing, math, maurice ravel, maury povich, mexican food, michael caine, most extreme elimination challenge, mount mitchell, mount mitchell trail, mystery science theater 3000, paper football, pee dee, pee dee vampire birds, pog, press your luck, ralph vaughan williams, ralph vaughan-williams, ralph vaughn williams, ravel, ravenel bridge, redd foxx, robert falcon scott, rod roddy, ron white, sailing, sanford and son, second basemen, seiji ozawa, sinfonia antartica, slappy white, south magnetic pole, spades, swinging compasses, symphonies, tactics, terra nova expedition, the art of war, the great escape, the green mile, the masters, the planets, the rite of spring, the specials, the terra nova expedition, tic tac dough, timmons park, toilet tag, vaughan williams, vaughan-williams, vaughn williams, vaughn-williams, wallball, watermelon polo, wesley willis, what's happening, whitman mayo, wilson high school, wofford, wofford college, zaxby's