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Narrative history of Big Money Opening Day: Appendices - You can have a little pork-n-beans now, and a little zucchini later... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
You Big Dummy

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Narrative history of Big Money Opening Day: Appendices [Aug. 2nd, 2005|10:36 am]
You Big Dummy
The following shit I picked up for free:

Booklet history of the bridge
Three fans
Commemorative coin
Spent fireworks casing
Two souvenir bottles of water (one unopened)

The following stuff I paid for:

Copy of the Post and Courier
Six sausage, egg, and cheese biscuits
Foot-long CBR sammich
Dictionary of Charlestonese
The P and C's book The Bridge Builders
Eighteen shrimp
Seventeen gallons of gasoline

Soundtrack (Greg) available on EW records

Lose Control
Missy Elliott

Theme from Forrest Gump
Alan Silvestri

I Will Always Love You
Whitney Houston

Hell's Bells

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett

Ramblin' Man
Allman brothers

Luck Be a Lady Tonight
Francis Sinatra

Partita for double string orchestra (Scherzo ostinato)
Ralph Vaughan Williams

I've Been Everywhere
Johnny Cash

Kool and the Gang


Lose Control remix
Ben Ingram

Thus Spake Zarawhoever

Fanfare for the Common Man

Black Or White
Michael Jackson

Hit the Road, Jack
Ray Charles

Quotes from Cliff's film "$uper Big Money O:pening Weekend"

"Today's the day!"

"Aw, man, that was tough, That was tough, dog. I'ma go ahead start preparing for the next one."


"Tell me when you start taping."

"Listen, it's on the radio."

"We got on the interstate an hour ago, and we drove about eighty-five miles since then, man."

"You know, Greg, we are involved in a race against time. Oh, hey, Cliff."

"We seriously need to think about this. We will never go over those bridges again. This is it. (burp)"

"This a momentous occasion."

"Ah, that's really close to Ben."

Cliff: How they getting on the bridge already?
Ben: Probably got passes.
Cliff: Ah, those sons of bitches. It's OK.

Cliff: Ben, how do you feel?
Ben: I really don't know, man.
Cliff: Is it a feeling of jubilation?
Ben: Yeah, it's sort of a mix.

Cliff: In with the new, out with the old.
Ben: Yeah, but you know, these, these had to go. These had to go sometime.
Cliff: Think I said that backwards though.
Ben: Naw, I think you're right.
Cliff: Think it's 'In with the new, out with the old."

"Don't pass me, Dodge, savor it!"

Cliff: Ah, that's really close.
Ben: Probably really close to scraping.
Cliff: Actually, you've got a whole foot.

Greg: OK, now let's go try and be the first people to swim under the new bridge.
Cliff: Greg, how do you feel?
Greg: I, uh, I concur with Ben.

"We are about to step on. We're about to step up 'cause it's about to step on."

"Drop it like it's Greg."

"I'm about to do something I've never done before. I'm gonna spit from one bridge to another."

"[I'm gonna] try again, this time with a penny. 2003 vintage."

"Can you believe it? No cars on it. First time since '29."

"What you want me to do, Cliff?"

"Piece of crap."

"...just to say I did."

"Hey, how much?"

"Hey, they're putting rocks down."

"What did he say to get this bridge built a year ahead of schedule and under budget? Let us pray."

"I got a voice machine. Probably from Market."

"They didn't blow up nuthin', those Yankees."

"Hey, what are them two big triangles?"

"Ben, what day is it?"

Ben: Guess how much we paid to get in here. Greg?
Greg: Um, three bucks.
Ben: Three dollars!

Ben: I think it was worth every, every dollar that we actually paid to tour the, to tour this historical site.
Cliff: Ben, how much did we really pay?
Ben: We didn't pay anything.

"Maybe our artistic nerves can be touched a little bit."

"No, we were just trying...dude, I see a truck pulling up up there. They're pulling the cones away!"

"This is THE hour!"

"Avast, ye matey." (Believe it or not, I didn't say that.)

"Sucks for the groom."

Ben: [The bridge] costs only half as much as the entire New York Yankees roster.
Greg: (applause)
Ben: But, still, it's pretty expensive.

"Sandlappers, Stoneys, and Americans...."